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Elegy Academy of Arts

The word music comes from the Greek mousikê by way of the Latin musica. It is ultimately derived from mousa, the Greek word for muse. In ancient Greece, the word mousike was used to mean any of the arts or sciences governed by the Muses.

Music itself is an art form. Each type of art has its own language: painting speaks to people using colors and lines, literature - with words and music - through sounds. Music sounds in our lives everywhere. Without it, radio, television, film, and grand theatres would not exist.

We hear music everywhere: in kindergarten and in school, in sports, in recreational areas and in parks. People have loved and will always love music for it is a part of our daily lives. Music - a whole world of special sounds, beauty, imagination and deep emotions.
Musical education is an integral part of parenting. In ancient times, music was seen as a means to communicate with the spiritual world.

Music teaches not only to hear but to listen; not only to see but to look. The happiness of a person depends on what s/he sees around with their own eyes and feels the full range of emotions based on what has been seen. If you want to become successful, thoroughly developed and consequently happy - engage in the art of music.
Playing a musical instrument helps one with a sense of rhythm and establishes co-ordination between hearing and motor skills of hands.

Pythagoras established his school of wisdom, laying its foundation in two arts - music and mathematics. He believed that the harmony of numbers is similar to the harmony of sounds and that both of these classes regulate chaotic thinking and complement each one.

Therefore, if you have decided to experience an education in the art of music at any age – begin now!

The music school "Elegy Academy of Arts" was established in 1998 by the founder and director of the school Oksana Dudar.

Oksana Dudar has been teaching the art of music for more than 20 years including piano, vocal lessons and theory of music. Oksana’s music school also includes several highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in violin and guitar.

Currently, students at the academy receive professional training in singing, piano, violin, guitar as well as theory of music. Also, students have the opportunity to take part in concerts and festivals and they are being prepared for exams in the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Each year students of Elegy Academy of Arts take part in festivals and concerts taking place in Toronto. In 2009, the Elegy Academy of Arts, under the direction of Oksana Dudar, held three concerts at the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre and St. Demetrius Seniors Residence, dedicated to the celebration of Independence of Ukraine. Organizers of the concerts were Nadia Dremlukh, Nika Hutor, and Marta Kryvonis and the host of the concerts - Danuta Hluch . The concert included many familiar songs: Cheremshyna, Chervona Ruta, Dva Kolory, Gutsulka Ksenia, Ridna Maty, Zelene Zhyto and many of our other famous and favorite Ukrainian songs. Our talented student performers included Yurij an Adrian Kunyckyj, Michael and Anna Minzak, Chrystyna Fitsalovych, Umida Ergasheva. The youngest performer of the concert – Anna Minzak - was then only three years old.

In January 2010 the Elegy Academy of Arts took part in two Christmas concerts. One of the concerts took place at the Ivan Franko Home - Ukrainian Home for the Aged and the second concert for the League of Ukrainian Women in the St. Demetrius Church. The Christmas concerts were organized by the Director of Ivan Franko Home Terry Tonkovich and Mary Shipka from the League of Ukrainian Women in St. Demetrius Church. Musical performances included many popular Christmas carols and Ukrainian songs. Performers included Yurij an Adrian Kunyckyj, Michael and Anna Minzak, Chrystyna Fitsalovych, Umida Ergasheva, Anastasia Dotsenko, Nazar Yakubiv, Jessica Lichvar, Ulyana and Daniel Hutor, Anna Vitkovytska, Solomiya Petrunko, Volodymyr Dudar.

Call us today at (416) 880-3881.

The music school "Elegy Academy of Arts" is open year round.